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Experienced and professional functional clothing manufacturer since 2006 Jun 15, 2021

men's reflective hi vis jacket

Fujian Goldwin Garment ;Co., Ltd. is locatedin Fuzhou,was established in 2006,is one of professional workwear and outdoor garments manufacturers and suppliers.We are ;specializing in ;design, production and export of men's reflective hi vis jackets,men's waterproof work jackets and men's waterproof hunting jacket.Since its establishment in 2006, Our company has been adhering to the mission of "enabling people to wear high-quality, comfortable, safe and protective clothing". We always focused on the field of functional clothing, adhered to innovation and continuous improvement, and continuously enhanced its competitiveness. We have become the OEM/ODM partner of many European and American brands.

men's waterproof work jacket

Our factory has incomparable advantages in the production of outdoor professional functional clothing:

First, the grasp of the standards:

1. In the process of adapting to the mandatory testing requirements of European and American countries for professional indicators, we have a comprehensive and accurate understanding and grasp of the professional functions and standards of this kind of clothing in sports, such as all-weather waterproof and breathable;

2. Also because of the mandatory testing requirements on environmental protection and health of goods in European and American countries, we have a comprehensive understanding and control ability of the factors and main indicators affecting the quality and safety of the final products in the relevant materials and processing process.

Second, workmanship and technical advantages: because we have been specializing infunctional ;clothing for a long time, we have introduced the most advanced computer typesetting system, with a professional technical team;In addition, we also have their own quality tracking and control team, at any time to strictly control the quality of products.

men's waterproof hunting jacket

In the near future, the company will continue to strengthen and refine the overall management, constantly explore the market, expand business, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.Welcome customers to cooperate and seek common development with us!

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